10 Sabancı University projects received TÜBİTAK support for the first term of 2016

The TÜBİTAK Scientific and Technological Research Support Program (1001) to encourage projects on new knowledge generation, scientific advances and solutions to technological problems decided to support 10 projects by Sabancı University faculty and researchers for the first term of 2016.

Projects supported for the first term of 2016 within the TÜBİTAK Program to Support Scientific and Technological Research Projects (1001)

IPM Director and FASS Faculty Member Dr. Fuat Keyman, “Making Peace Process Sustainable: The Social Acceptance of the Peace Process in the Post-Conflict Period”

FASS Faculty Member Dr. Tülay Artan, “The 18th Century Production and Dissemination of Knowledge in the Ottoman Empire: Manuscript Collections and Collectors”

SOM Dean and Faculty Member Dr. Füsun Ülengin, “An Analysis of the Service Quality and Efficiency Metrics at Emergency Units of Hospitals”

FENS Faculty Member Dr. Burç Mısırlıoğlu, “Development of a Non-Destructive and Ultrafast Read-Out Multilayer Ferroelectric Memory”

FENS Faculty Member Dr. Canan Atılgan, “Mapping the Free Energy Surface of Folded Proteins via “Computational Force Microscopy”

FENS Faculty Member Dr. Emrah Kalemci, “Developing Original Space-Born X-Ray Detector Systems Using National Resources and Know-How”

FENS Faculty Member Dr. Gözde İnce, “Development and Fabrication of Ferroelectric Polymer Thin Films with Multilayers and Gradient Compositions for Improved Control of their Dielectric Properties”

FENS Faculty Member Dr. Müjdat Çetin, “Adaptive Brain-Computer Interfaces with Inference and Exploitation of Sustained Attention”

FENS Faculty Member Dr. Serhat Yeşilyurt, “Modeling and Experiments on the Effects of Ultrasound Acoustic Waves on Micro Swimming Robots”

FENS Faculty Member Dr. Yasemin Şengül Tezel, “Mathematical Analysis of A New Viscoelastic Model with Limited Strain”