2017/18 Fall Brand Practice None-Thesis Master's Program Applications

Graduate students will be accepted for the 2016-2017 Fall Semester leading to the Brand Practice Master's program.

Early Application Deadline : JULY 14, 2017
Deadline : SEPTEMBER 08, 2017

Online application: https://admission.sabanciuniv.edu 

Application for Brand Practice None-Thesis Documents and Requirements:

1. On-Line Application Form:

Print-out of Completed Application Form should be added to the Application Package.

Applicants can either submit the application package including the required documents in person or can send via post to Student Resources.

All the application documents become property of Sabancı University. It is suggested to keep the original reports of TOEFL scores for you, and apply with the copies of those exams.

2. Official Transcript: Sealed and taken from Student Resources/Affairs of the applicant's university indicating the courses and grades taken.

3. Two Letters of Recomendation: These should be either submitted online or posted in a sealed envelope. Sample letter

4. One Photograph

 5. Result for Graduate Program Entrance Exam : 

GRE or GMAT Score is not required for Brand Practice Master’s Degree program.

7. English Proficiency Exam Result: Any of the following English Proficiency Exam results baring the min. scores and which are within the validity period as indicated below. Photocopies are acceptable for application, but original copies should be submitted during admission.

TOEFL: Min. score 72 in Internet-based test

KPDS: Min. score 60

ÜDS: Min. score 60

YDS: Min. score 60

e-YDS: Min. score 60

YÖKDİL: Min.score 90

PTE : Min. 55



 The TOEFL, PTE must have been taken no more than 2 years; CAE, CPE  must have been taken no more than 3 years; KPDS, YDS, e-YDS and ÜDS must have been taken no more than 5 years prior to the application to Sabancı University

Applicants who do not submit a valid English Proficiency Exam score can only be admitted to graduate study on the condition of obtaining a satisfactory grade in Sabancı University’s own English Language Assessment Exam (ELAE). Those candidates who fail to attend or get a satisfactory score in the exam are obliged to attend and successfully complete a full course of English Language Preparation in order to continue with graduate courses. Failure to complete this course successfully will result in termination of enrollment at Sabancı University.

Graduates of Sabancı University are exempt from submitting an English Proficiency Exam score provided that they apply within two years following their graduation.

*According to the latest instruction letter for Foreign Language Exam Equivalencies issued by the Centre for Selection and Placement of Students in order for an exam to be accepted as equivalent, it must have taken place in a building owned by a state university.

Furthermore, according to an announcement on February 26th 2016, by the Centre for Selection and Placement of Students, certificates from exams which took place before the date of the announcement (February 26th, 2016) will be considered as meeting requirements. If the application was made before the date of the announcement (February 26th, 2016) and the exam took place within 30 days of the announcement, the certificate will also be considered as meeting requirements.

 8. Statement of Purpose

9. Other Requirements:

  • An undergraduate degree is required in order to apply for master's degree program.
  • An applicant should have an undergraduate diploma in order to be admitted to a graduate program .
  • Applicants must complete their previous degree programs by the admission period at the latest.

Application Adress:

Applicants need to upload their documents on the online system. They are also required to submit their application packages either in person or post them by mail to the Department of Student Resources. Please note that print-out of the completed application form should also be added to the application package. The packages sent via mail must arrive at the department by the application deadline. Applications sent via e-mail are not   accepted.

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For application's questions:
0 (216) 483 90 93
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For academic questions:
Ayşegül Molu aysegul-edu@sabanciuniv.edu
Leyla Yazgıç: leylay-edu@sabanciuniv.edu