2017-2018 Fall Semester Dormitory Applications

Details of application for undergraduate and graduate students who wish to use dormitory facilities in the 2017-2018 AcademicYear are given below.

  • Please first log on to the student information system (bannerweb.sabanciuniv.edu) to access the application form.
  • Applications will begin on 24.07.2017 at 10:00 and end on 20.08.2017 at 22:00.
  • Dormitory applications just can be make on the online system and placement results of all students applying online will be announced on the web on 08.09.2017 at 14:30.
  • When selecting roommates, please ensure that the roommate you have selected also selects you. Otherwise the system will disregard one-sided selections and may assign you to different rooms.
  • You can update and even cancel your online application until the deadline.
  • In the event that enrolled students who are assigned a room wish to terminate their dormitory occupancy without a valid reason, they will not be able to access their online dormitory application form for coming semester.

Dormitory fee payment information:

The dormitory fees for our undergraduate and graduate students in the first semester of the       2017-2018 Academic Year are listed below for as a reminder and the payment required to be paid to between the dates 11.09.2017 and 15.09.2017 under this system.


Dormitory Fees (September  2017 - June 2018) / Per person (VAT included) 

Undergraduates        1. Semester    2. Semester    Total Annual Fee

4 person rooms           3.700 TL          3.700 TL          7.400 TL

2 person rooms           5.000 TL          5.000 TL          10.000 TL

Graduates                  1. Semester    2. Semester    Total Annual Fee

2  person rooms          5.000 TL          5.000 TL          10.000 TL

1  person rooms          6.500 TL          6.500 TL          13.000 TL

Studio apartment         6.750 TL          6.750 TL          13.500 TL


Deposit 1.000 TL (Undergaduate&Graduate, paid once when entering.)