NS-FUTURE Joint Seminar by Cleva Ow-Yang

“Sustainability and Alternative Energy: Lowering Our Footprint on Our Planet”

02 November Wednesday at 12.40, FENS L062

Over the recent decade, the effects of global warming have made a clear case for revisiting how modern life must be better adapted so that future generations can enjoy similar levels of lifestyle on our planet. To minimize carbon consumption, one strategy has been to develop sources of alternative energy, of which there are many competing technologies. However, one topic receiving less attention to‐date is that of sustainability—how can we live in a manner that lowers our impact on the environment, one that enables our planet to continue sustaining life decades from now?

There are no simple solutions to lowering our carbon footprint—for every solution proposed, new challenges arise. In this talk, I would like to frame the multi‐faceted analysis for identifying viable solutions to the challenges we are facing, and my goal is to foster the on‐going debate on resolving the interconnected problems of climate, energy, and sustainability.