Alex Wong and his students won international award

A film made by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design faculty member Yoong Wah Alex Wong and his students won the "Royal Reel" for Animated Films in the 2016 Canada International Film Festival.

The animated film titled “CTRL+S” was produced in 15 weeks by a team led by Yoong Wah Alex Wong and composed of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design students Alicem Batmansuyu, Başak Erbakan, Duygu Güneşli, Eda Alfasa and Aljaz Tepina, Industrial Engineering student Doruk Erduran, and Computer Science and Engineering students Jonathan Stapf and Mustafa Hassan Malik. 

Last year, “CTRL+S” was featured in international film festivals in Brazil, Russia and the Philippines.

The crew of “CTRL+S”:

Supervisor: Yoong Wah Alex Wong

Script: Sabancı University 2015 Animation Team

Animators and Modelers: Alicem Batmansuyu, Başak Erbakan, Doruk Erduran, Duygu Güneşli, Jonathan Stapf, Mustafa Hassan Malik.

Motion Graphics: Eda Alfasa.

Rendering and Editing: Aljaz Tepina.

Sound Design: Alicem Batmansuyu. 

Synopsis: Sometimes we forget to save or backup our work when we work on the computer. Sudden computer system failures and virus attacks may cause us nightmare that requires us to be extra cautious to save and archive our work frequently.  Ctrl+S is a fictional short film depicting a young female character who falls asleep in front of the computer confronted with a strange dream.

As a modern society we spend irrational amounts of time in front of the computer, sometimes leading to an unusual attachment to a physical object when there is too much data and information to be digested. At the same time, computers are extremely complicated tools and we do not always fully understand their internal systems. As a human being and being human, we tend to be a little superstitious when something goes wrong with our machines, we sometimes blame the computer itself as if it has ill intentions towards us. These ill intentions are symbolized in this short film by the character of the Plug-girl, an evil digital spirit working in the control room of the computer, causing all kinds of mischief. Opposite of her, we find Electro, a humble and lowly worker, who takes care of the computer, always making sure it works like a well-oiled machine. One day, when it comes time to repair an error, these digital spirits clash into confrontation.

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