CDP 2017 Ratings Announced

The Carbon Disclosure Project for presenting climate change-related strategies of companies to international corporate investors and stakeholders announced its 2017 ratings based on the world's most extensive corporate environmental data.

The two Turkish companies on the CDP Global A List, composed of oıutstanding achievers in the fight against climate change worldwide, were Arçelik and Garanti Bank as reported by the Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum, the implementer of CDP in Turkey.

The thousands of companies worldwide who reported their environmental data through the CDP Climate Change, CDP Water and CDP Forests Programs were evaluated according to the CDP Ratings Methodology, one of the most reliable rating methodologies in the world developed by CDP. More than 3000 companies received ratings and 156 companies were nominated for the CDP Global A List.

Only 25 companies in the world, who have responded to the CDP Climate Change and CDP Water programs, were entitled to go on the CDP Global A List in both programs. One of these companies was Arçelik A.Ş. in Turkey.

One of the 73 companies worldwide that made it into the CDP Water Program Global A List was T.Garanti Bankası A.Ş.

These two companies will be presented their awards at the CDP Turkey Climate Conference and Awards Ceremony, where CDP Turkey, led by the the Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum, will announce its 2017 results. The ceremony will be held at the Zorlu Performing Arts Center on November 28, and companies will receive their awards from TÜSİAD Chair Erol Bilecik.   

CDP Executive Chairman Paul Dickinson said the following about companies on the CDP Global A List: “I congratulate all companies that went on the 2017 Global A List. It is inspiring to see these companies take action for reducing the adverse effects of climate change, and seizing opportunities for transitioning to a sustainable economy. These companies take strong steps in climate change to accelerate the transformation." 

Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum and CDP Turkey Director Melsa Ararat spoke: “Regardless of the expectations of laws and regulations, our companies with a global mindset in products and services or the financial markets have a remarkable performance when it comes to climate change and water management. Arçelik being one of the top 25 companies worldwide in both climate change and water management will help the company leave its competitors behind and become more valuable for investors and consumers alike. Likewise, Garanti Bank was among the top 73 companies in the world in water management, showing their meticulous approach to lending and their skill in managing long-term risks. This will make them more credible in the eyes of international creditors, and reinforce their position of being a reliable partner for implementing new economic models. I hope their success will set an example for other Turkish companies and motivate the government to implement the Paris accords."

The CEOs of the two Turkish companies on the CDP Global A List said the following about their achievement: 

Arçelik A.Ş. CEO Hakan Bulgurlu: “Companies have a great responsibility when it comes to fighting global warming. At Arçelik, we are aware of our responsibility and we maintain a holistic approach. We focus on circular economy solutions and strive to create more value with products that lead the industry in water and energy efficiency, and with projects on energy and water use as well as waste management. We are proud to see international organizations recognize our efforts. This is our third year in a row on the Global A List compiled by CDP, the most prestigious international platform for environmental risk assessment. We have also been included in the CDP Water Global A List for the first time. We are among the only 25 companies in the world that have achieved this feat, and the first and only Turkish company to ever do so. We will continue to work for a carbon-neutral future.

T. Garanti Bankası A.Ş. CEO Fuat Erbil: “We have been responding to the CDP Program's call for transparency since 2011, when the program was launched in Turkey.  We have steadily increased the amount of data we report and are audited on every year. In 2015, we decided to support this call and not just respond to it, and we signed up for the main sponsorship of the CDP Water Program. We were also one of the 73 companies worldwide that made it on the CDP Water Program Global A List, and received a leadership award in Turkey for scoring A- in the CDP Climate Change Program. We are delighted to be consistently at the top of two separate programs that we support and advocate. We hope that we will be able to share this pride with many more companies in the future."

Other companies on the CDP 2017 A List, and the assessment results of all responding companies are available at:

CDP also published its second report in the “Tracking progress on corporate climate action” reports series. This year's report shows that companies all over the world are setting longer-term and more ambitious targets towards climate change, and that the shift to a low-carbon economy brings innovation and investments in new technologies. The report is available on the CDP website:

The Turkish results of the CDP Climate Change and Water Programs will be announced in an event at the Zorlu Performing Arts Center on November 28. The CDP Global A and CDP Turkey leaders will receive their awards during the event.