EFSUN publishes first year activity report

Commissioned in September 2016, the Sabancı University Center of Excellence for Functional Surfaces and Interfaces (EFSUN) published the activity report for its first year.

Click here to view the EFSUN 2016-2017 Activity Report.

EFSUN is one of the few centers of excellence in Turkey authorized by the Council for Higher Education and ratified in the Official Journal. It is also the only center dedicated to nanodiagnostics in Turkey.

The mission of the center is to bring together outstanding researchers to create high-impact research outputs that focus on the science and technology required for effective and original nanodiagnostics. The center hopes to become a center of attraction for high-quality researchers worldwide through its high-impact research outputs.

The center was established by 5 scientists and 26 other scientists joined over a short while. Contributing members are world-class researchers who hold various coveted national and international awards.  As of the end of 2017, 43 PhD candidates, 32 graduate students and 9 postdoctoral researchers benefit from the motivating and cooperative environment of the center.

As a result of the cooperation and research undertaken in the center, more than 90 papers were published in upscale journals, 10 joint patent applications were made, and 3 companies were founded in 2016 and 2017. The center also received support and grants upowards of TL 25 million from reputable sources.

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