2017-2018 Spring Term Dormitory Fees and Payments


The dormitory fees for our undergradute and graduate students in the 2017 - 2018 Academic Year Spring Semester are listed below, and are required to be paid to between the dates 2018 January 08 and January 12. Payments may be made in Akbank branches or the Akbank Direkt İnternet online banking application by selecting or specifying 'Sabancı University code 7000754  (function F325)' and specifying “YURT ÖDEMESİ or HOUSING PAYMENT” as payment type.  The system displays your current outstanding payments when provided your given name, family name and student number (please add zeroes to the beginning of the number to complete it to 8 digits, e.g. 00012345), and these amounts may be paid in cash to the bank teller or from an account other than the "Okul Ailem Hesabı" used for tuition fee payments.  Please note that housing fees must not be deposited in the Okul Ailem Hesabı intended for tuition fees .

Dormitory fee payment dates which specified the above are involves the students who are staying dormitory during Fall Semester and will stay on Spring Semester.

The students who want to stay in dormitory on Spring Semester can display their dormitory application result on bannerweb.sabanciuniv.edu at 24th of January, they can make their dormitory fee payment between 24th of January and 29th of January.

Dormitories will be open through the semester break.

We wish you a good holiday.

Dormitory Management

2017 – 2018 Academic Year Spring Semester Dormitory Fees / Per Person (VAT included)

Undergraduate students: 

4 person room (person/term)            3.700 TL

2 person room (person/term)            5.000 TL

Graduate students: 

2 person room (person/term)            5.000 TL

1 person room (person/term)            6.500 TL

Studio room   (person/term)              6.750 TL

Students who assign to dormitories for the first time are required to pay a deposit fee of 1000 TL.