Sabancı University Program for Undergraduate Research (PURE) is in the Second Year

Sabancı University Program for Undergraduate Research (PURE) 2017-2018 Summer Term started on 25 June 2018.

The program, which is in the second year, accepts students outside of Sabancı University for the first time. PURE, which accepted almost half of its students from other universities and which also hosts international students as of 2017-2018 Summer Term, provides undergraduates with the opportunity to acquire scientific research experience for 7 weeks between 25 June and 10 August 2018. Accommodation is provided by the Sabancı University in the dormitories without the fee.

The orientation, held on 26 June 2018, started with the speeches by our Vice Presidents Cem Güneri and Şirin Tekinay and our faculty member Hüsnü Yenigün from the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. In the orientation speeches, the opportunity of access to Sabancı University's research infrastructure for PURE students and the relevance of skills, which the students will acquire through the program such as asking the right questions and problem-solving, in both academic and professional settings was underlined. Orientation was followed by a campus and Collaboration Space tour.

Within the scope of Sabancı University Program for Undergraduate Research, students will fulfill tasks within scientific research projects under the supervision of Sabancı University Faculty Members and researchers and learn steps of scientific research by experience.

In 2017-2018 Summer Term, PURE accepted 142 students out of 433 applicants and the students were assigned to 55 research projects supervised by Sabancı University Faculty Members and researchers.