Sabancı University VAVCD students win award

The animated film "The Loop" made by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences member Alex Wong and a team of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design students won the “18th Kısa-Ca International Student Films Festival - Best Animated Film" Award.

Made under the guidance of Alex Wong by VAVCD students Alicem Batmansuyu, Aslı Koray, Azra Yaprak Müldür, Deniz Gökçin, Dilara Doğan, Ecem Güleç, Ecem Köklükaya, Eda İmre, Emir Suat Darman, Hazal Köseoğlu, Irmak Pehlivan, Işınsu Özkan, Merve Yalçın, Nesli Malkoç, Seliz Kaya and Zuhal Uz, "The Loop" was first shortlisted as one of the top 9 animated films among over five thousand submissions to the 18th Kısa-Ca International Student Films Festival in various categories. The film then won the Best Animated Film Award.


Kısa-Ca International Student Films Festival: The Festival aims to help film students put their theoretical knowledge to practice by expressing original ideas in unique perspectives that may contribute to cinema, facilitate the international development of short film production, and bring short films to wider audiences.

Another objective of the festival is to be an international platform for students, scholars and professionals in cinema, where a productive space for sharing thoughts and experiences may be generated.

Congratulations to Alex Wong and our students!

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