ASPİLSAN Energy visits Sabancı University

On Wednesday, March 13, Sabancı University received a delegation of executive-level visitors from ASPİLSAN Enerji A.Ş., one of the leading Turkish energy storage and solution providers, including General Manager Ferhat Özsoy.

Sabanci Universitesi ve Aspilsan 

ASPİLSAN General Manager Ferhat Özsoy and Sabancı University President Professor Yusuf Leblebici

Sabancı University President Professor Yusuf Leblebici and Vice President of Research Professor Mehmet Yıldız provided an extensive briefing to the ASPİLSAN delegation about the research activities of the university. The visit continued with a tour of laboratories, where the ASPİLSAN delegation received more information about the work done in SUNUM and FENS from faculty members involved in various research projects. 

ASPİLSAN General Manager Ferhat Özsoy said that the visit was the first step towards intensive collaboration between Sabancı University and ASPİLSAN in the near future, adding that preparations for the signing of a collaboration protocol were underway.

Sabanci Universitesi ve Aspilsan
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