Alumni Giray Kömürcü's book "Nasıl Bir Gelecek?" published

Sabancı University Microelectronic Engineering Program 2005 Alumni Giray Kömürcü published a book titled "Nasıl Bir Gelecek? Küreselleşme, Kapitalizm, Çevre sorunları, İklim Krizi, Yoksulluk, İnsanlık... Ve Biz Ne Yapacağız" [What the Future Looks Like: Globalism, Capitalism, Environmental Issues, Climate Crisis, Poverty, Humanity... and What We Will Do about It].

Published by Aganta Yayınevi with an introduction by Mahfi Eğilmez, the book deals with pressing environmental issues like climate crisis and pollution, and human issues like hunger, poverty and unemployment. As an attempt in exploring the root causes of the issues, focusing on solutions that may eliminate these issues, and uncovering the details of what individuals can do to help, "Nasıl Bir Gelecek?" can be considered a comprehensive critique of capitalism and consumerism, and the design of an alternative economic system. Proposing a way for the world to emerge from the chaotic circumstances with minimal damage, the book is introduced by Mahfi Eğilmez as follows:  

"Giray Kömürcü deals with and discusses a number of major issues in this book. He explains the clash between environmental issues, which are often neglected when talking economics but often matter more, and an economic issue like hunger. He reveals the sources of economic issues, and goes on to discussing solutions. He seeks answers to questions like 'Is an environmentally-friendly economy possible?' or 'Can economic problems be solved without damaging the environment in a system other than capitalism?'  This is a different and intriguing perspective that warrants further attention."

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