Led by our alumna, YouGov Turkey receives 4 awards

YouGov Turkey, of which Özge Akçizmeci Üstün, our alumna, is the General Manager, has received 4 awards in the Owl Awards.

The Owl Awards were organized for the ninth time this year by the Turkish Researchers Association (TUAD) to demonstrate the impact of marketing research and opinion polls on business results, develop relations between research companies, their clients and data collection companies, and reward successful business partnerships. YouGov Turkey received 4 awards, of which 2 in innovative, 1 in visionary and 1 in shopper category.

This year, 49 projects among 138 applications were rewarded in the Owl Awards.  The jury comprised of 21 people from FMCG, finance, academia, advertising, research, data collection, media, communications, medical and insurance sectors, and evaluated applications in 14 categories on September 22 and 23.

Wizsight market research company established by our alumna, Özge Akçizmeci Üstün, previously received 4 Owl Awards.

You can have more detailed information about YouGov Turkey via this link.

Release date: 01.11.2021 10:23:35