Our alumni are among the top 87 emerging engineers in the United States

Sabancı University Materials Science and Nano Engineering 2009 master's alumni Canan Dağdeviren, Computer Science and Engineering Program 2005 alumni Ece Kamar, and Microelectronic Engineering Program 2003 alumni Kıvılcım Ayşe Coşkun were among the 87 emerging engineers attending the Frontiers of Engineering symposium held by the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE).

Canan Dağdeviren, Ece Kamar, Kıvılcım Ayşe Coşkun

Participants of the Frontiers of Engineering symposium were chosen for their outstanding research and technical work in various engineering disciplines.

Held between September 25 to 27, 2019 in South Carolina, the symposium was organized into the subjects of Advanced Manufacturing in the Age of Digital Transformation; Genomic Engineering; Autonomous Vehicles: Technology and Ethics; and the latest in Blockchain Technology.

Among the Sabancı University graduates chosen for the National Academy of Engineering symposium, Canan Dağdeviren is currently a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ece Kamar is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft, and Kıvılcım Ayşe Coşkun is a professor at the University of Boston.

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