Our graduate Elchin Huseynov's Erasmus experience at National University of Singapore

Sabancı University is a member of the Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program and Global Exchange programs, and has exchange and collaboration agreements with over 280 institutions in 53 countries.

Sabancı University partners with international research institutions and leading universities to provide opportunities to students for keeping up with the latest in science, culture and education while expanding their view of the world. Students who have recently visited high-ranking Far Eastern and Asian universities share their experiences and impressions with gazeteSU readers.

Sabancı University Management major and Business Analytics minor 2020 graduate Elchin Huseynov talks about her Erasmus experience at the National University of Singapore

"National University of Singapore (NUS) was the top among my five choices, and I was lucky to be selected for my top choice. I don't think there is much to be said about the university: it ranks 20th to 25th worldwide, and is the best university in Asia by far. So if you are planning to go on an exchange, NUS should be one of your priorities. 

I certainly recommend going on an exchange if you have the means; I can also recommend that you go to Asia or the Americas rather than Europe. I say so because I have spent 5 months in Asia. Asia is a world in itself and exchange is a great opportunity to discover it. Our school had more than a thousand exchange students from all over the world, so I got to meet many different people. Apart from that, I explored Singapore and some neighboring countries for the 5 months I was there, and I got to learn more about their cultures and histories."

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