Student develops online platform for second-hand selling in universities

Sabancı University 1st year student Musa Sadık Ünal developed an online platform at for university students to buy and sell second-hand items on campus and through a secure marketplace. The platform launched at Sabancı University and quickly reached more than 500 users. The platform is growing and expanding into other universities.

Sabancı University student Musa Sadık Ünal said the following about the platform: “We made an online marketplace for students to buy and sell second-hand items on campus. It is a secure marketplace because students have to create accounts using their university email addresses. They can then advertise books, electronic goods or household items they no longer need on Salgitsin. Other users who wish to purchase these items contact the seller through the platform. It provides a quick and reliable way to shop. The platform works on all devices. We invite everyone to take a look at”

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İlk Yayınlanma Tarihi: 28.09.2020 09:46:37