Company dynamics and new employment creation in Turkey were discussed

TÜSİAD - Sabancı University Competition Forum (REF) held the second of its conference series on the Turkish economy and sector policies. At the second conference of the series, company dynamics and new employment creation in Turkey were discussed. 

Bahadır Balkır, Vice Chairman of TÜSİAD Board of Directors and Chairman of Industrial Policies Round Table, delivered the opening speech of the conference.  

Discussing the topic of employment with its various dimensions together with the the Fourth Industrial Revolution and with its increasing economic and social significance in the Covid-19 period, Bahadır Balkır highlighted in his speech that they are aware of the growing interest in the employment dynamics in both developed and developing countries and the impact of employment dynamics on employment stands out as a quite remarkable topic in both the academic literature and in practice. 

After the opening speech, a panel was held where Prof. Dr. Ümit Özlale and Dr. Beyza Polat presented their work entitled “Understanding Company Dynamics and Employment Creation in Turkey " and Prof. Dr. Haluk Levent evaluated the effects of company dynamics on employment creation. 

It was stated in the panel moderated by Esra Durceylan Kaygusuz, the Director of TÜSİAD-Sabancı University Competitiveness Forum and a faculty member at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) that there are fundamental structural problems related to employment: high exit rate from workforce, skill mismatch, brain drain, and impact of early deindustrialization, employment capacity of the industry, and refugees on the labor market. It was noted that public support is scale-driven at companies and this needs to be reviewed. It was especially emphasized that newly established small-scale companies in Turkey create a large part of the employment, and that these companies fall down before they can grow as they age. The importance of conducting analysis in Turkey on a regional basis and the implementing different policies in each region was also highlighted. 

In addition, the panel evaluated the impact of the Covid-19 on the employment dynamics in our country, and emphasized that the labor problem has begun earlier than this period, and progressed even further.

You can watch the recording of the event below.

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