Conference Participation Scholarship to our FENS Ph.D. Student

Sabancı University Mechatronics Engineering doctoral student Rana Altay's work titled "A HYBRID SPIRAL MICROFLUIDIC PLATFORM FOR SEPARATION OF CIRCULATING TUMOR CELLS", prepared with FENS/SUNUM faculty members Ali Koşar and Murat Kaya Yapıcı has been accepted to the 25th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS 2021). 

Rana Altay

Our student Rana Altay has been announced by the Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society in Palm Springs, CA, USA committee as a student who won a scholarship for her participation in the conference. 

This study is a nice example for the interdisciplinary research being conducted in the EFSUN Center of Excellence.with the use of the infrastructure of the Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center (SUNUM).

Release date: 26.07.2021 15:16:22