Michel Lavrauw will serve as Editor-in-Chief in the Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A

Sabancı University Engineering and Natural Sciences faculty member Michel Lavrauw, will serve as the Editor-in-Chief in the Elsevier journal: "Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A". 


As one of the two chief editors of the Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A (JCTA), Michel Lavrauw will be responsible for all papers published in the journal. Further responsibilities include the Aims and Scope of the journal, the Editorial Board, and possible Special Issues. 

About Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A

The Journal of Combinatorial Theory was founded in 1966 and split into two parts in 1971 as the field grew rapidly: Series A and Series B. The Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, is one of the premier journals in its area and sets very high standards for publication. Only papers which meet these high standards proceed to a phase of review which involves a detailed refereeing process.

The Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, publishes original mathematical research concerned with theoretical and practical aspects of combinatorics in all branches of science. The journal is primarily concerned with finite and discrete structures, designs, finite geometries, codes, combinatorics with number theory, combinatorial games, extremal combinatorics, combinatorics of storage, and other important theory/applications of combinatorics. It is a valuable tool for mathematicians and computer scientists, and for scientists working in information theory. Manuscripts accepted by the journal are generally expected to solve or make a significant step towards a solution of an important open problem, to develop a new proof technique, or to substantially advance our knowledge in some other way.

Please click for further information: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/journal-of-combinatorial-theory-series-a

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