Research of our faculty members is featured on the cover of Annalen der Physik Journal

The Research, of which Burç Mısırlıoğlu, a faculty member of the Materials Science and Nanoengineering Program at Sabancı University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences is the principal investigator along with the contribution of Kürşat Şendur, faculty member of Mechatronics, is featured on the cover of the world-famous Annalen der Physik Journal in its October issue. The team who carried out the research with Burç Mısırlıoğlu and Kürşat Şendur wrote an article about their research for the journal.


Kürşat Şendur - Burç Mısırlıoğlu

One of the oldest scientific journals on physics and published since 1799, Annalen der Physik Journal featured the results of the work mentioned above on its cover in October. In addition to Burç Mısırlıoğlu, Kürşat Şendur, faculty member of Mechatronics Program, Wael Aldulaimi, PhD student at Materials Science and Nano Engineering Program, M. Barış Okatan, faculty member of İzmir Institute of Technology (İYTE), and Can Akaoğlu, PhD student at the University of Manchester contributed to the research that aims to facilitate deterministic and local control of chirality through nanosecond electric pulses in ferromagnetic nanostructures in a nano ferromagnetic disc.

Burç Mısırlıoğlu said the following about the article published in the journal: “Vortex type ordering of magnetization is often reported to stabilize in ferromagnetic nanodiscs. Chirality of a vortex in a nano ferromagnetic disc can be clockwise or counter clockwise that can represent states to be used as information bits allowing for very high densities of data storage. Furthermore, electric control of magnetism is another topic that is at the forefront of novel device design for electronics and spintronics as it possesses advantages over traditional magnetic induction-based methods. The method we report in our recent paper relies on asymmetric nanosecond electric pulses in time that generate tangential magnetic fields coupling to the magnetic dipoles of the nanostructure, capable of reversing the chirality of nano ferromagnets.”


Release date: 21.10.2021 17:19:22