“We Should All Try to Save the Planet” Seminar from Prof. Larry Lessard

McGill professor of Mechanical Engineering Larry Lessard has created the Bike62 Project, a low CO₂ emission journey combining Cycling and Recycling.

Bike62 will be cycling around the world from July 2022 to August 2023, a journey that will cover over 20,000Km, visit around 25 countries, and speak at 25 universities to promote ways to rethink and reuse composite materials.
A major call to action in this initiative is related to the need to recycle huge wind turbine blades, which have a short 20-25 year life span, are made of fibreglass and should not end up in landfill as is currently happening. Larry and his team are developing solutions to solve this problem.

Prof. Larry Lessard will held a seminar titled “We Should All Try to Save the Planet” at Sabancı University on November 2nd 2022.  

The seminar, which will take place in the FENS G035 classroom, can also be watched via zoom.

Release date: 31.10.2022 15:08:45