Our faculty member and student's article became one of Hot Papers in the MDPI Micromachines journal

Sabancı University Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty Member Meltem Elitaş and her Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering Program graduate student Esra Şengül's article "Single-Cell Mechanophenotyping in Microfluidics to Evaluate Behavior of U87 Glioma Cells" became one of Hot Papers since it was published in the MDPI Micromachines journal. 

Esra Şengül, Meltem Elitaş

This paper conducts research on Glioblastoma multiforme, the most invasive and aggressive type of brain cancers. These brain cancers develop treatment resistance, recurrence, and very poor survival. In this study, authors used microfluidics to perform mechanophenotyping to link mechanical properties of glioma cancer cells with their invasive nature. 

Micromachines is a journal published by MDPI that focuses on science and technology of small devices, structures, and systems. It points interdisciplinary studies, with a 5-year impact value of 2.553. 


Release date: 30.06.2021 10:31:13