The Webometrics list of the best nanotechology-nanoscience experts of the world included Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences members Yuda Yürüm and Yusuf Menceloğlu.
A research team led by Sabancı University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Member İsmet İnönü Kaya developed a graphene-based screen prototype as part of the "ELMAS Project". Their work to develop a Graphene-Based OLED Screen... DEVAMINI OKU
Sabancı University, named Turkey's most entrepreneurial and innovative, becomes the official implementer of the TÜBİTAK 1512 BİGG Program Phase 1 Activities with the "BiGGInner" project.
The Sabancı University Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) held a conference titled "The Future of Financial Markets" featuring Turkish and international subject matter experts.
Projects to be supported as part of the TÜBİTAK Priority Areas R&D Project Support Program (1003) –an initiative to support domestic R&D projects within priority areas designated by the National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy... DEVAMINI OKU
Sabancı University Start-up Company League SUCOOL partnered with Workinlot to implement an online incubation program called pre-SUCOOL. The program was announced at a meetup on Monday, June 4 at ImpactHub Istanbul.
The Sabancı University Gender and Women's Studies Center of Excellence (SU Gender) continued its series of international conferences with the Gender and Education Conference. The keynote speaker of the conference was Shahrzad Mojab, a professor... DEVAMINI OKU
The first center for Turkish Studies in the United States named for its benefactor late Sakıp Sabancı; a businessman, philanthropist; inaugurated at Columbia University, forging a new era of scholarly collaborations between the two countries. The... DEVAMINI OKU
Sabancı University Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) hosted a lecture by Georgetown University Robert Parker Chair Professor of Finance Turan G. Bali.
Sabancı University Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF) hosted Columbia Business School international finance and foreign currency markets expert Prof. Geert Bekaert as part of a seminar series.