VA 502 F Student Exhibition

We wanted to open our hearts, our space, our point of view. We are hoping our space will be able to heal you. Welcome to our warm studio! The exhibition "Ying-yangs". With Alina Mielnik's strong and beautiful lines and Nehir Sena Görür's vibrant and bold strokes, Ying-yangs form carrying the innocence of friendship for the sake and beauty of harmony. 

"Celebrating Springs's arrival with fresh thoughts, open arms, and heart/s. 

Letting go of each uncompleted speech with autumn 

After a long sleep under the freezing flakes of...      

Life, Greetings to the rebirth of life!

Oh, mother earth how powerful you are!

My love shall live forever blooming each every Spring and Summer

From the ashes of the "immortal".

Now I hope Spring will be forever 

After the long wait, it arrived on this gloomy date.

Now shall be forever.

Till eternity I shall wander 

In the maze, guided by my heart 

Forever!"                      /19.02.20

Nehir Sena Görür - The "Spring" Series

 I’m observing people a lot, especially in crowded places, public spaces. When the impulse to draw the place is too strong, I’m looking for a safe space. It can be a table in the corner of a cafe or the stairs in a closed building, etc. In special situations, I’m hiding only behind my sunglasses. Then I’m trying to catch my observations on paper, usually using only black or blue outlines, sometimes adding colors. I’m drawing until I get the impression that the sketch depicts what I see. For one year I’m working on enlarging my sketches on to much bigger formats.

Alina Mielnik - “observations” 


 Due to restrictions brought on by Covid-19, the exhibition is only available to "live in the campus" attendees (until September 12th).


 size is 1.,6 m x 2.,2m