In The Studio 2020 2

Wieslaw Zaremba is giving you the privilege of dropping your mask. Here, in the studio everything is transparent.

 One thing that is magical about this man is that he enables the true you, allowing you to be your truest self. Here, in the studio, you will trust and be trusted. All the fantasies you ever had, never had the courage or opportunity to face and experience? In the studio, we are all naked to his eyes. All naked and vulnerable. Let your inner being shine! You can be anything you wish to be. You can be yourself.

 Just as Zaremba arranged “masks” on the beautifully delicate figure, lets us become the figure ourselves, and just for a moment be as free and as wild as we can be. 

 Drop your mask. 

 Nehir Sena Görür 


Exhibition assistants


Erkman, Zeynep

Yücel, Ozan