Training continues at the Sabancı University Creative Technologies Atelier

Training continues uninterruptedly at the Küçükköy Creative Technologies Atelier, which Sabancı University launched in 2019 to support sustainable development. In the most recent training sessions, attended by students from schools around Ayvalık, the topics of "Republic, Education and Science" and "The Impact of Biodiversity on Agriculture" were discussed.

Yaratıcı Teknolojiler Atölyesi

Emre Erol's training session entitled "Republic, Education and Science" focused on the values ​​that the founding people of the Republic of Turkey attached to education and science, as well as examining the actions and ideas of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Celal Bayar, and Refik Saydam.

In the session, the reasons for the emphasis placed on education and science by the generations that shaped the new Republic were discussed considering the dynamics of the period they lived in, and the meaning of the emphasis they made under those conditions in the Turkey of today and of the future was evaluated.

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In the session delivered by SUNUM Researcher Nihal Öztolan Erol, students were informed about "The Impact of Biodiversity on Agriculture". In the session, the harms of monoculture agriculture were mentioned and it was explained that the vegetation destroyed by pesticides in agricultural lands is actually a very valuable genetic resource that can be used for agriculture. Students also learned about the value added to the food culture of Ayvalık by plants belonging to families such as Fabaceae and Brassicaceae, which can be found in olive groves.

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