Erasmus+ Internship Information Sessions

Dear Students,

You can join us at our Erasmus+ Internship Information Sessions!


During the session we will be covering following topics:

- What is Erasmus+ Internship? How can I apply? What is the process?

- How can I find an internship abroad? Which platforms should I use for applying for an internship abroad?

- When applying for an internship how can I approach to the receiving institution? 

- Q & A about all Erasmus+ Internship Process

Looking forward to meet you there!

Info Session Dates:

November 15th 12:40 -13:30 (TUR) ----- UC Cinema Hall

November 20th 12:40 -13:00 (ENG) ----- UC Cinema Hall (Short Session)

November 27th 12:40 -13:30 (TUR) ----- UC Cinema Hall

Career Development & Internship Office 

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