Emre Erdem appointed new Editor-in-Chief for Experimental Results

Materials science and Nano Engineering faculty member Emre Erdem has been appointed as Editor-in-Chief position in newly established journal: Experimental Results.

Emre Erdem

The journal will be published by Cambridge University Press. Emre Erdem will manage the Chemistry section of this open access Journal. His responsibilities as Editor-in-Chief are: Act as the journal’s figureheads and advocate publicly for the title: promoting the journal to colleagues and participants at key events. ii) Direct the scientific quality of Experimental Results for their subject: advising on the journal’s direction as necessary e.g. Reviewing and Statistical Editor Appointments; Aims & Scope. iii) To make final decisions on papers where Reviewing Editor is unable to, and to arbitrate problems as a consequence of the submission and peer review process.  

Experimental Results is an innovative new open access journal from Cambridge University Press that provides researchers with a venue to publish all experimental findings. Publication of valid scientific results as short papers, regardless of their outcome, enables the journal to fundamentally address the growing issues of reproducibility and duplication in the scientific community.

The journal is now open for submissions, find out more at: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/experimental-results/information/editorial-board

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