June 2020 Online ELAE

Students who will take the online ELAE on June 3rd, 2020 are as follows:

  1. Students who have studied in the School of Languages during 2019-20 academic year and who have applied by filling in the online survey which was sent to them by mail.  (A petition is not required, but filling in the survey is a must)
  2. Inactive students who still hold exam rights & who have given in a petition to take ELAE exam.

The online exam will be held on June 3rd 2020, at 10:00 am and will take around 1,5 hours

For the identification check to be done in time, we ask that students who will take the exam connect to their Zoom exam room at 9:45 am at the latest and they should have some official identification which includes their photograph (such as a passport, identification card, driver’s license) with them. Zoom ID numbers will be shared with students on June 2nd, 2020.

The results of the ELAE will be announced on the external web page of Sabancı University on Friday, June 5th 2020, at 5pm.

Exam requirements

Students must ensure the following to be able to take the online ELAE exam:

  For this exam, students will need a laptop/computer that connects to the Internet and students will login to Sucourse Plus. Students must use only ONE device (your laptop or your computer) for the exam.

       Students must use Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari as their web browser for the exam, and they must make sure that they are using the latest version of these web browsers on their computers.

       They must open only one window / tab to complete the exam. Any other program that can run on the background must be disabled prior to the exam.

       Students will log into Zoom on their phones for this exam. They must make sure that their phone has Zoom installed and has a working camera and microphone.

       Students must be seated in a quiet, well-lit, non-obtrusive environment that has good Internet connection for the duration of the exam. They may connect via mobile network on their phone if necessary.

       During the exam, students will be asked to place their cell phones about 1.5-2 meters away from their study table /desk in a position that enables their invigilators to see their study table / desk and monitor. Therefore, students must make sure their room arrangement allows for this prior to the exam. Please see the photo below.




How many sections are there in the online ELAE exam? How much is each section worth? What do I need to get in order to pass the exam?

The exam has 3 sections: Grammar, Vocabulary, and Reading. Grammar and Vocabulary sections consist of 30 questions. The reading section consists of 5 reading texts of 600-800 words each

Grammar and Vocabulary sections are worth 30% each, and the Reading section is worth 40%. Students need to receive an overall minimum grade of 65 out of 100 to pass the exam.

Is there a make-up for the ELAE?


What happens if I fail the ELAE?

Please refer to the 'SL handbook’ on the SL website as well as the Foundations Development Year Instruction Letter (Temel Geliştirme Yili Yönetmeliği) located in the main SU web-site.

What happens if I already have an internationally recognised English language certificate? 
If students can certify that they have passed one of the national and/or international foreign language examinations at a level determined by the university, they will be entitled to begin their undergraduate programs. (Read more herehttps://www.sabanciuniv.edu/en/faculties-programs-exemption-exams

PLEASE NOTE: A detailed student information sheet will be shared with the students on June 2nd, 2020 via e-mail.

We wish you every success in the exam.

School of Languages

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