Graduate Ravza Türker's Erasmus experience at Chung- Ang University, South Korea

Sabancı University is a member of the Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program and Global Exchange programs, and has exchange and collaboration agreements with over 280 institutions in 53 countries.

Sabancı University partners with international research institutions and leading universities to provide opportunities to students for keeping up with the latest in science, culture and education while expanding their view of the world. Students who have recently visited high-ranking Far Eastern and Asian universities share their experiences and impressions with gazeteSU readers.

Sabancı University Psychology Program 2019 graduate Ravza Türker talks about her Erasmus experience at Chung- Ang University, South Korea

"Erasmus was an altogether different experience for me in terms of cultures, cuisines, people and languages. Many people go to Europe or America. I went to Europe too, but experiencing Asia was unbelievable. I was ready to be impressed when I went there, but what I saw was beyond my expectations. I had two sisters and a brother. I went to their homes, stayed with them. I met their families. I had a great time. It was a tremendously valuable experience for me, and I would recommend everyone. Whenever I went abroad, I returned with a different perspective on things, so I must say that spending time in a different country changes a lot for you."

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