Yasemin Şengül Tezel will serve as the editor of “Applications in Engineering Science” journal

Sabancı University Faculty of Engineering an Natural Sciences member Yasemin Şengül Tezel will serve as the editor in the Elsevier journal “Applications in Engineering Science”. 

Applications in Engineering Science, which is an Elsevier journal, accepts a broad spectrum of contributions in engineering sciences and its applied aspects while its core interest lies in material modelling and response.

The journal where Şengül Tezel joins the editorial board of the journal consisting of world-known mathematicians and engineers especially encourages interdisciplinary studies.

As a result of her doctorate studies at the University of Oxford and research areas she has been interested in afterwards, Şengül Tezel has many contributions in the subjects within the scope of the journal including modelling and mathematical analysis of viscoelastic materials. Her review articles on nonlinear viscoelasticity of strain-rate type and strain-limiting viscoelasticity, which has been published in high-ranked journals recently, allowed her to become a leading expert on such fields.

Applications in Engineering Science Journal

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