The 3rd NANOSIS Workshop was held on May 7

Led by the Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center-SUNUM, supported by TÜBİTAK 1004, the NANOSIS platform met again at SUNUM at the third workshop held on May 7, 2024.

SUNUM Nanosis Çalıştayı

The workshop, hosted by Prof. Dr. Fazilet Vardar, Research Program Managing Organization Leader and SUNUM Director, started with the speeches of senior officials of the platform stakeholder institutions. Then, the Research Program Implementing Institutions gave information about their work. In the workshop focusing on the productization journey, Boğaziçi University Life Sciences and Technologies Center Director Prof. Dr. Rana Nomak Sanyal made a speech entitled "A Nanomedicine Story from Lab to Clinic", and Stratis Group founder Dr. Souheil El Hakim made a speech entitled "Product Development Process - Dos and Don'ts". Product prototypes and platform idea output posters exhibited throughout the day were examined with interest by the participants.

Fazilet Vardar

Speaking at the third workshop of the NANOSİS Platform, Prof. Dr. Fazilet Vardar, Research Program Managing Organization leader and SUNUM Director, said that the researchers on the platform are carrying out valuable studies with the vision of NANOSİS, "research focused on the detection and prevention of factors that threaten health and cause contamination", and gave the following information about the Platform: "On the NANOSİS Platform, which consists of 6 themes and 16 projects, a total of 23 end-products, 33 by-products, and various intermediate products are expected to be issued in 4 years. These prototypes and technologies offer solutions to other sectors, from automotive to environment, from textile to energy, primarily targeting health."

NANOSIS Platform aims to develop fast, economical and unique nanotechnological components, products and systems for medical follow-up and diagnosis. The NANOSİS Platform consists of 8 Universities, 1 of which is a Consultant/Service Provider, 12 Private Sector Institutions, 7 of which are Consultants/Service Providers, 22 institutions/organizations, 2 of which are Public Research Centers, and about 150 researchers.

Nanosis Çalıştay

NANOSIS Platform - Research Programs

Yeditepe University - Research Program 1

Development of Nanotechnological Sensors for Liquid Phase Detection of Infectious Agents

Arçelik - Research Program 2

Development of Nanotechnological Sensors That Can Give Contamination Warning in Aerosol and Gas Phase

Kordsa - Research Program 3

Development of Nanotechnological Sensors for the Follow-up of Health Data with Wearable Technologies

SUNUM Sabancı Uni. Nanotechnology Research and Application Center - Research Program 4

Development of Unique Materials and Functional Surfaces for Identifying Special Agents at Low Concentrations

Sabancı University - Research Program 5

Development of Protein-Based and Diagnostic Microfluidic Biochips

Eskişehir University - Research Program 6

Environment and Human Friendly Biocompatible Active and Integrated Systems that can be Used for Follow-up and Treatment