Fast Charging Stations of Eşarj Put into Service on Our Campus

Our university has put two new Eşarj fast charging stations into service as part of its sustainability efforts in achieving its net-zero emission target.


Speaking at the opening, Sabancı University President Yusuf Leblebici said, “As in every field, we are carrying out pioneering work in the field of clean energy. Our newly launched Eşarj stations constitute a new step we take in this field. In addition to our plan to increase the number of these charging stations in the coming period, we will start by installing panels on the roofs of our campus buildings and obtain our own energy from the sun, thus achieving significant progress towards our goal of zero carbon emissions and a green campus. We would like to thank Enerjisa Enerji and Eşarj, our business partners in this process. Our cooperation with them will continue in line with our sustainability and clean energy goals.”

Noting that Sabancı University will be able to provide 8 percent of its total energy consumption from renewable energy with the solar panels to be installed on the Tuzla campus by the end of 2023, Sabancı University Secretary General Ali Çalışkan said, “By the end of 2025, we plan to turn our parking area on our Tuzla campus to an indoor parking one and create an additional capacity of 1.7 MW with the installation of solar panels on the roof. In this way, we will reach 20 percent of the carbon-neutral target we have set for 2030. We will continue to work to support our sustainability goals in different areas such as water consumption, recycling and waste water recovery.”


Speaking at the opening, Enerjisa Enerji CEO and Eşarj Chair of the Board Murat Pınar said, “Goals such as carbon-neutral and new energy are very important. However, it should be noted that the energy import bill of our country is 91 billion dollars. When we look at our total current account deficit, we see that it is half of our annual energy bill. In this context, as Enerjisa, one of our strategic priorities is to reduce our country's dependence on foreign energy in the next 10 years. In order to say 'A better future for everyone', it is necessary to write another story. Bringing solutions to this with new technologies and starting from a well-established institution like Sabancı University that focuses on sustainability makes us especially proud and happy.”