Onur Parlak is the new guest of the Nano Open Webinars

Organized by Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center (SUNUM), the Nano Open Webinars continue with a webinar entitled “Wearable Bioelectronics in Medicine” that will be delivered byDr. Parlak, from Karolinska Institutet, at 11:00 on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

Onur Parlak

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About Dr. Onur Parlak

Dr. Onur Parlak started his undergraduate education at Izmir Institute of Technology in 2005. He obtained his master's degree from Izmir Institute of Technology in 2011. Between 2012 and 2015, he worked in the field of bioelectronics at Linköping University, Sweden. During this period, he specialized in programmable bioelectronic surfaces and biosensor applications of 2D  materials.

After receiving his PhD, he went to the United States to carry out the projects he had previously led with the support of the Wallenberg Foundation, one of Europe's leading foundations supporting scientific studies and promising scientists. He started his studies in the Materials Science and Engineering Department of Stanford University in the US. He carried out studies on wearable bioelectronic devices for approximately 3 years.

After his studies at Stanford, he started working at the Karolinska Institute, one of the best medical schools in Sweden and Europe, which is also home to the Nobel Prize in medicine, in 2019, in order to implement the medical applications of the devices he developed. He has recently been selected by the Karolinska Institute as one of its leading young researchers with outstanding scientific merit and future potential. In addition, he gained project support from the European Innovation Council (EIC) and the Swedish Research Institute and established his own laboratory and working group as an assistant professor as of 2021.

In addition to nearly thirty scientific articles, he has 2 books on wearable and programmable bioelectronics.