President Yusuf Leblebici graduates his 50th PhD Student

Sabanci University alumna (2013) İrem Boybat Kara has received her diploma as the 50th PhD student of Yusuf Leblebici, in a ceremony which took place in Zurich on January 24th, 2020. 

İrem Boybat Kara

Irem has completed a significant part of her doctoral research at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, and she has earned her PhD degree from EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Lausanne) with her thesis entitled "Multi-Memristive Synaptic Architectures for Training Neural Networks". Having authored 7 journal papers, 19 conference papers, and 4 patents so far, Dr. Kara has also received 5 research awards during the course of her studies. She will continue her research work at IBM Zurich Research Laboratories, as a postdoctoral researcher. 

President Leblebici together with some of his former students at the diploma ceremony in Zurich, on January 24th, 2020: (left to right) Abdulkadir Akın (Sabancı University BS 2008, MS 2010, currently working as a researcher at ETH Zurich Quantum Engineering Center), İrem Boybat Kara (Sabancı University BS 2013, currently working at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory), Yusuf Leblebici, Tuğba Demirci (Sabancı University MS 2002, currently working as the IC Design Team Leader at aiCTX), Zuhal Taşdemir (Sabancı University MS 2010, currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Paul Scherrer Institute).