Sabancı University is the Leader in Türkiye in Research Quality

According to the "2022 Performance Ranking of Research Universities" prepared by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), Sabancı University ranked first among all research universities with a score of 34.74 in the "Research Quality" category.

The Annual Evaluation Meeting of Research Universities was held in Izmir, hosted by Ege University, on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. Presidents and Vice-Presidents of Research Universities, along with YÖK President Erol Özvar, attended the meeting, at which the annual performances of research universities were evaluated.

According to the results of the 2022 Performance Ranking of Research Universities shared at the meeting, where our President Yusuf Leblebici was present, our University maintained its leadership among all research universities with a score of 34.74 in the "Research Quality" category. In the general rankings, Sabancı University ranks third among all research universities in Türkiye, as it did last year.

Making an evaluation of the subject, Yusuf Leblebici stated that Sabancı University has carried out Türkiye’s pioneering and distinctive research studies with its faculties and center. He continued, "According to October 2023 figures, 274 projects with a total size of 856 Million TL are being carried out at our university. We started 97 of these projects this year. In terms of total resource size, 56 percent of our projects are international projects. We strive to be among the best not only in Türkiye but also in the world in the field of research. We will continue our success, especially in research quality, by maintaining the importance we attach to this field in the coming years."

Sabancı University was included in the Research-Focused Mission Differentiation Program carried out by YÖK in 2021. There are 20 state universities and 3 foundation universities within the scope of the program.

Performance indicators considered in the Research Quality dimension include the following:

  • Publication Rate in the Top 50% in InCites Journal Impact Factor
  • Publication Rate in the Top 10% of InCites Journal Impact Factor
  • Number of Science Awards
  • Amount of Funds Received Within the Scope of Technology Platform Project Supported within the Scope of TÜBİTAK 1004 Program
  • Open Access Percentage of Publications
  • Performance in Global Overall Academic Achievement Rankings
  • Number of Accredited Programs
  • Number of International PhD Students
  • Number of PhD Graduates
  • Number of PhD Students

The top 6 Turkish universities in the Research Quality category and their scores (out of a maximum of 40 points) are listed below:

  1. Sabancı University 34.74
  2. Koç University 32.00
  3. Middle East Technical University 30.62
  4. Boğaziçi University 28.62
  5. Bilkent University 28.36
  6. Istanbul Technical University 28,29