Class Notes

Our Economics Master’s Graduate Murat Şeker is inducted to Deputy Director-General of Finance Department of Turkish Airlines (THY).
Interviewer:Şule Yalçın / With Sinan Tuncay, 2010 graduate of the Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Program, on his solo exhibition in New York –I’m sorry, Leyla
The EMVA Young Professional Award 2016 goes to Electronics Engineering 2008 graduate Tolga Birdal.
The USA Alumni Meeting took place over a nice dinner on Saturday, May 7th, at the Columbia University, Lerner Hall (New York).
Sabancı Üniversitesi Mezunları Derneği (SÜMED) bir ilki gerçekleştirerek ‘1. Uluslararası Mezun Dernekleri Konferansı’nda 32 farklı kurumu temsilen; Los Angeles’tan Tilburg’a, Eindhoven’dan İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Gaziantep ve Sakarya’ya yurtiçi ve... DEVAMINI OKU
2004 Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design graduate Hayal Pozanti’s paintings at Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum and the exhibition was reported in New York Times. Our graduate Hayal Pozanti’s “Deep Learning” pits technology against the human... DEVAMINI OKU
Biological Sciences and Bioengineering 2008 graduate Eylül Harputlugil says that research on the correlation between limiting calorie/food intake and health has been finally cleared for human experimentation based on clinical testing, and shows... DEVAMINI OKU
Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering 2009 graduate Betina Tabah's article published in the ChemSusChem journal in 2015 was chosen a "Key Scientific Article" by the Canadian Renewable Energy Global Innovations (REGI) for... DEVAMINI OKU
Management 2010 graduate Hande Timor and Industrial Engineering 2009 graduate Tamay Kiper turned their travels into a social responsibility project under the theme "Love in the Luggage" and seek support for their creative and valuable... DEVAMINI OKU
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Economics 2004 graduate İmge Emine Kaya Sabancı was named among the top 100 most influential woman leaders.