2017 Prom

Dear Friends,

We are waiting for prom payments that is why we want to send reminder to you.

The prices of our prom which will be placed at Ciragan Palace, July 4th is 168 Euro or 620 TL.

Food, graduation cale, limitless alcohol, after party, music system, lights, decorations and DJ all over the night are included. (Dinner will take place between 19.00-23.00 following up with after party till 03.00)

**Since the offer we are benefiting from is "Graduation Package", specified by the hotel, unfortunately we do not have special price option for those who do not use alcohol.

You can find payment details below.

  1. The payment of prom was started. The last payment day is 16th of June-Friday.
    Name: Ünpa İnşaat
    Bank: Denizbank
    IBAN No: TR48 0013 4000 0036 7132 1000 01

  2. While making a payment it is compulsory to write down SU Balo-Name-Last Name- Mobile Phone Number-Personal ID Number as description.

  3. After making a payment do not forget to send an email with your receipt to msk@sabanciuniv.edu . Otherwise your payment will not be approved.

  4. There is the last thing we are require you to do in order to attend the Prom. The arrangement of tables in the Prom will be done in accordance with payments. Each of them is 10 person table. That is why, please send an email with the name of your friends you want to seat with to msk@sabanciuniv.edu and CC him/her as well.

We thank you for your support in advance.

With Love,