ENRICH in Brazil Project Promotion Event Took Place

A promotional event for the ENRICH in Brazil Project, which is sponsored by the European Union and where Sabancı University is the Turkish project partner, took place online on 30 November 2020, Monday.

In addition to general information about the international project, Berna Beyhan, a Faculty Member at the Faculty of Management Sciences, provided information about the ENRICH in Brazil’s activities, services, opportunities for cooperation between the EU and Brazil, and the support provided to this end.  

Enrich in Brazil (formerly known as CEBRABIC), in which a project partner of Sabancı University, is a pilot center established by the European Network of Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs in Brazil. Apart from Brazil, 8 different organizations from Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Spain, and Turkey contribute to the project. Sabancı University is the Turkish partner of the project.  

The consortium aims to develop research, innovation, and business relations between Europe and Brazil, and to share innovation practices, experience, and knowledge between organizations. Founded as a non-profit partnership, ENRICH in Brazil aims to provide and strengthen science, technology, and innovation-oriented collaboration by bringing together organizations from different fields and industries from Europe and Brazil.

You can visit the website of ENRICH in BRAZIL at https://brazil.enrichcentres.eu/ or contact them at brazil@enrichcentres.eu to learn more about the project’s activities.

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