Sabancı University International Relations Office (IRO) visited a large number of high schools in Pakistan in the period 22-25 November 2021.
Losing his family when he was a student at our university, our alumnus has established the “House of Imran” fund to support students who are successful and in need of financial support at our university, which he considers like his home.
YouGov Turkey, of which Özge Akçizmeci Üstün, our alumna, is the General Manager, has received 4 awards in the Owl Awards.
Our alumna, Özlem Kalkan has received the award in Technology category of Leadership in Sales Awards 2021 (LiSA) in her role as SabancıDx Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.
Alumnus of Sabancı University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Computer Science and Engineering Program, Hasan Ijaz talked to us about his projects with ELKON in the framework of the Industry-Oriented Projects ENS 491 Graduation Program.
The video anomaly detection study prepared by Ali Enver Bilecen, graduate student at Sabancı University Electronics Engineering Program, Alp Özalp and M. Sami Yavuz, senior students in the program, with Hüseyin Özkan, member of Faculty of... DEVAMINI OKU
Rabia Tuğçe Yazıcıgil, graduate of Sabancı University Electronics Engineering Program, has developed a chickpea-sized, ingestible capsule that transmits wireless data in collaboration with MIT in her laboratory at Boston University. The capsule will... DEVAMINI OKU
Meltem Bayrak, graduate of Sabancı University Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering major program and Chemistry minor program in 2016, has become the first Turkish scientist selected to the Homeward Bound Leadership Program. Homeward Bound... DEVAMINI OKU
The winners of “E-Sailing European Cup”, Europe’s first intercollegiate e-sailing championship, organized by Sabancı University Sailing Club (SU-SAIL) through VR Inhore platform, have been announced.
The journal article of title "Design and fabrication of a vigorous “cavitation-on-a-chip” device with a multiple microchannel configuration", which was co-authored by the SUNUM researcher Morteza Ghorbani and Faculty Member of FENS/SUNUM... DEVAMINI OKU