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Vision of Sabancı University:
We will be an innovative institution responsive to the needs of all our constituents through a participatory culture that embraces diversity and freedoms. We will have an interdisciplinary educational infrastructure that will create and disseminate knowledge. Sabancı University aspires to become an international reference point for innovation in education and research.
Mission of Sabancı University:   

“Creating and Developing Together”
Our mission is to develop internationally competent and confident individuals, enriched with the ability to reflect critically and independently, combined with a strong sense of social responsibility; and, to contribute to the development of science and technology on a global level, as well as disseminating the knowledge created to the benefit of the community.

General Principles of gazeteSU:
gazeteSU is committed to the general principles and philosophy of Sabancı University, and publishes pursuant to the publishing ethics defined within this framework.
In accordance with the Sabancı University philosophy to “create and develop together,” anyone within the university may submit articles, visuals and news stories to gazeteSU within publishing ethics.

Pursuant to the Sabancı University “Academic Integrity Statement,” articles of an academic nature are printed with citations to the author and the publication when printed in gazeteSU.  Authors and contributors are expected to comply with this principle.
Other publications that reprint materials in gazeteSU are expected to cite the source.
Sabancı University “Non-Discrimination Statement”

Sabancı University is committed to the principle of equal opportunity and equal treatment in education and employment. The University respects all individuals without any discrimination of gender, religion, national and ethnic origin, race, color, physical disability, physical appearance, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, age, or political affiliation in the administration of its educational, admission and employment policies, and its scholarship and university-sponsored programs.

About gazeteSU
gazeteSU is the daily electronic newsletter of Sabancı University.  News and content in gazeteSU are closely related to the Sabancı University community and stakeholders.

Publication Period
The publication period of gazeteSU is related to the academic calendar: the newsletter is updated daily and emailed to all university members on weekdays during the academic year, and on select days of the week during the summer holiday.

Links to social media
gazeteSU is directly linked to social media channels, providing its readers with alternate ways to reach the content.


Companies that wish to support Sabancı University may place their advertising banners on gazeteSU provided that advertisement requirements are met.  Advertising revenues are transferred to Sabancı University funds.