Eyes on the future for 20 years!

For 20 years… We are creating and developing together. As Sabancı University family, taking our courage and confidence from knowledge, we’re building our future everywhere in the world with our eyes on the future. We think freely; our scientific achievements shape the future of our society and our country. 

For 20 years... We are conscious to the future needs of the society and acting with responsibly. Our greatest investment is in the youth - the architects of our future. We are thinking about the future in our every given lecture, every scientific research, every project that touches both science and society and every achievement. 

For 20 years… To make a difference, we have been striving, discovering and changing more for a better future, to become better individuals. 

For 20 years... Standing together, respect for differences, acting in integrity and trust in expertise have been our timeless values. We are empowered by our values.

For 20 years… "Do not settle with the best; the one better is always over the horizon" has been our motto as our eyes on the future. Being a global university means working for the future and being able to reach beyond the boundaries. As the leader of change, now, we dream of many more twenty years and invite everyone to be a part of our journey… 

Sabancı University Family 

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