Sabancı University Student Chapter Established

Sabancı University became the first academic member in the SIAM (Industrial and Applied Mathematics Society) in Istanbul and the second in Turkey after METU.

Nilay Duruk Mutlubaş, Faculty Member at MATH, who led the establishment of the Sabancı University SIAM Student Community, made the following statement on the subject: “As you may know, SIAM (Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics) is a huge community comprising not only applied mathematics but also many disciplines such as data science, computer science, optimization. By forming a student chapter, SIAM provides students free membership and many facilities. As a student, you can get free access to many journals, activity groups etc. Each year SIAM funds academic activities. Since this year is the first one, we need undergraduate/ graduate students to get involved and express their opinions and possible activities to organize.” said Nilay Duruk Mutlubas.

There are nearly 200 student chapters all around the world (

Chapter advisor Nilay Duruk Mutlubas is looking forward to meeting students and getting in touch with those to organize activities! “Getting in touch with other chapters and improving our network would be amazing but it is possible with your contribution. Faculty members are also very welcome! Please encourage your students as well” said Mutlubaş.

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Release date: 17.11.2021 14:29:01