The first workshop of Türkiye's first Hydrogen Valley Project, "HYSouthMarmara - South Marmara Hydrogen Shore" Project, was held at Sabancı University

Besides the project partners of HYSouthMarmara, key stakeholders in the hydrogen ecosystem, company representatives, and academics participated in the first workshop of the HYSouthMarmara Hydrogen Valley Project, held at Sabancı University Performing Arts Center.  Coordinated by the South Marmara Development Agency (GMKA) and conducted by a consortium of 15 partners, the "HYSouthMarmara - South Marmara Hydrogen Shore" Project is an important step for the green transformation of Turkish industry and revitalizing the hydrogen ecosystem.

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Sabancı University hosted the first workshop of Türkiye's first hydrogen valley project, "HYSouthMarmara". The workshop, held at Sabancı University Performing Arts Center (SGM), brought together project stakeholders, company representatives, and academics. The workshop, which started with information about the 'HYSouthMarmara Hydrogen Valley' Project, continued successfully with presentations on ongoing valleys and candidate regions, and featured four separate panels on the future of hydrogen, other hydrogen valley projects initiatives, and developments in the hydrogen ecosystem.

Coordinated by the South Marmara Development Agency (GMKA) and conducted by a consortium of 15 partners, the "HYSouthMarmara - South Marmara Hydrogen Shore" Project aims to create a model for green hydrogen production and the use of hydrogen in various applications. The project is expected to be a significant milestone towards a cleaner and greener future through the efficient collaborations and efforts of its partners. The HYSouthMarmara Hydrogen Valley Workshop aimed to raise awareness, foster collaborations, and facilitate discussions on "Green Hydrogen" and "Hydrogen Valleys," showcasing successful ongoing valleys and candidate regions.

The workshop began with a video presentation about the HYSouthMarmara Project, followed by examples from ongoing hydrogen valley projects and presentations from candidate regions. In this regard, Tatiana Block shared information about HEAVENN, Europe's first hydrogen valley project, while Holger Wiertzema presented about Norddeutsches Reallabor, a significant collaboration project in Northern Germany. Assoc. Prof. Marco Pellegrini, one of the project partners, presented the University of Bologna's work and the hydrogen ecosystem in Italy, and Prof. Hicham Benyoucef shared the efforts of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and the hydrogen ecosystem in Morocco.

Volkan Duman

“Aiming for 500 tons of hydrogen per year”

HYSouthMarmara Project Coordinator Mehmet Volkan Duman emphasized the special reasons for initiating this project in South Marmara during his opening speech, stating, "This is a very critical area. We started the hydrogen business here due to the characteristics of this region and are trying to emerge as a model. In this project, our main goal is to produce five hundred tons of hydrogen per year." Duman highlighted the strong development of the clean energy sector and the advantageous geographical position of South Marmara, adding:

"Within the project, we will establish a hydrogen network in the South Marmara Region, covering the provinces of Balıkesir, Çanakkale, and Bursa. Being a region with coastlines on both the Aegean and Marmara Seas, with a total of one thousand kilometers of coastal boundary, water access will be unlimited. This access is critical for green hydrogen production and water sustainability. Another critical feature that makes the region valuable is the presence of two main natural gas pipelines passing through South Marmara. One of them is the main line connecting the lines from Russia, Iran, and Azerbaijan; the other is the TANAP line. During this process, it is crucial to accurately define the mission and associated goals for hydrogen. To achieve success in the clean transformation process, the first focus area should be energy efficiency, followed by as much electrification as possible, and then closing the gap with hydrogen. I must add that the process ahead is challenging. Hydrogen may face various political, economic, and even legal challenges and obstacles, but what we need to do is complete pilot studies and accelerate R&D activities. The feasibility studies enabled by our Valley Project aim to keep us prepared in this process."


“We want to be Türkiye's first carbon-neutral region”

HYSouthMarmara Project Coordinator Mehmet Volkan Duman also mentioned their aim to become a center for green fuels and Turkey's first carbon-neutral region, stating:

"As the South Marmara Development Agency, we lead many different projects in the region. We have established two renewable energy training centers at Balıkesir University and Çanakkale University. Additionally, another main activity of our project involves boron minerals. Boron has very valuable properties, but in this project, we highlight its ability to store hydrogen. As part of the Valley Project, a ten-ton-per-year sodium borohydride plant will be established. We believe Eti Maden will become stronger in this regard. This new boron chemical to be produced will be used in a new power system developed by TÜBİTAK MAM as a solid-phase hydrogen carrier."


Selmiye Alkan

“This project is not only about the production or utilization of green hydrogen in various industries but also a milestone that will pave the way for reaching a green future through efficient collaborations."

Prof. Selmiye Alkan Gürsel from Sabancı University, delivering the opening speech, highlighted that the HYSouthMarmara Project will create an exemplary model in Turkey for the production, transportation, and use of green hydrogen in various applications. She also emphasized the significance of disseminating and communicating the project results, stating:

"The hydrogen valley concept is rapidly spreading. There are 98 hydrogen valley projects worldwide at different scales. It is crucial to interact with active hydrogen valleys and candidate regions to share knowledge and experiences and create a replicable model. Furthermore, raising public awareness about green hydrogen and positively altering perceptions, and accurately explaining hydrogen technologies are also vital aspects of this project. Sabancı University will play a role in the HYSouthMarmara Hydrogen Valley Project by interacting with active hydrogen valleys and candidate regions to share knowledge and experiences, developing communication strategies to increase the widespread impact of the project, sharing activities and project results effectively through seminars, workshops, and online communication methods, and increasing the project's visibility to a broad audience. We will also be involved in the processes of establishing and commissioning an electrolyzer for green hydrogen production."

Panel 1

All aspects of hydrogen were discussed in the panels

The first panel of the workshop, themed " Supplier/Distributer/Off-takers in HYSouthMarmara Consortium Members" was moderated by Dr. Kahraman Çoban from EnerjiSa Üretim. The panel featured speakers including İsmail Erilhan from Linde Gaz A.Ş., Dr. Kağan Kayacı from Kaleseramik Çanakkale Kalebodur Seramik Sanayi A.Ş., Gizem Yumru from Turkey Şişe and Cam Fabrikaları A.Ş., Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fehmi Akgün from TÜBITAK MAM, and Assist.Prof. Sibel Özenler from Turkish-German University.

The afternoon session of the workshop continued with a presentation by Çağrı Yıldırım, Director of the TÜBİTAK EU Framework Programs and National Coordinator of the Horizon Europe Program, who shared information about the importance of green hydrogen in the European Union's research area, EU support mechanisms for hydrogen, and opportunities in these areas.

Panel 2

The theme of the second panel of the day was " South Marmara Hydrogen Shore Platform " Moderated by Petek Eğerci Coşkun from the South Marmara Development Agency (GMKA), the panel included participants such as Serdar Erdemiş from İÇDAŞ Çelik Enerji Tersane ve Ulaşım Sanayi A.Ş, Filiz Güler from TEKFEN Holding A.Ş, İsmail Gökalp from Akçansa, and Yücel Yıldız from RightShip.

Panel 3

In the third panel of the workshop, "The Future of Hydrogen" was discussed. Moderated by Prof. Dr. Selmiye Alkan Gürsel from Sabancı University, the panel featured Prof. Dr. İnci Eroğlu from the Hydrogen Technologies Association, Prof. Dr. Can Erkey from Koç University, and Bora Şekip Güray from IICEC, who shared information about 'Hydrogen Technologies' and 'Green Hydrogen.'

Panel 4

The fourth panel, themed " Potential Hydrogen Valleys in Türkiye " was moderated by Assoc.Prof. Dr. Alp Yürüm from Sabancı University. In this panel, Dr. Emrah Kınav from Ford Otosan, Dr. İpek Harmanlı from Tüpraş, and Hülya Ulusoy from İZKA shared their views.