The Master in Action Research and Transformation Program Visited Norway

The Master in Action Research and Transformation (mART) program, together with its participants and faculty members, visited Norway between 15 and 20 May 2023.

mART Oslo

Within the scope of the trip hosted by AFF Norway, recognized as the oldest (70 years old) leadership development program in the world, the best examples of the action research approach were shared with the participants by the spokespersons of the institution. Gülin Dinç, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Oslo, was among the speakers at the seminar held on the first day.

During the trip, various topics such as leadership, transformation, and action research were discussed together with prestigious organizations such as the East Office of Norway, NHH (Norwegian School of Economics), Jotun, Deloitte, and mART program participants. In addition, workshops were held with well-known and leading academics in the field of action research.

RAMA Eylem Araştırması İnisiyatifi Başkanı Oğuz Babüroğlu - Oslo Büyükelçisi Gülin Dinç
Oğuz Babüroğlu, the Chair of ARAMA Action Research Initiative & Gülin Dinç, the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Oslo  

Evaluating the trip to Norway, Oğuz Babüroğlu, Sabancı University ARAMA Action Research Initiative Chair, stated that action research has been widely used in the fields of academia, business and civil society in Norway for many years, as an approach and methodology. He continued, “Norway's democratic environment and cultural structure are intertwined with the understanding of action research to 'ensure change and transformation together and democratically'. Since this situation has been reflected in every field for many years, prominent academics of action research are located in Norway. As part of our mART program, our trip, which we organized with the support of AFF Norway and the special contributions of Deloitte, provided a good experiential learning opportunity for our graduate students.”

mART Oslo

Within the scope of the 5-day trip, the headquarters of the Norwegian chemical company Jotun was also visited. During the visit, Jotun CEO Morten Fon and Jotun senior executives gave information about the company's transformation practices and its work in the field of innovation.

Early Application Deadline is 23 June

Turkey's first and only Action Research and Transformation Non-Thesis Master's Program, implemented by Sabancı University, aims to respond to the need of institutions and companies to be ready for the rapidly increasing transformation due to developments such as climate change, pandemic, new business models, and working styles.

Within the scope of the program, which middle and senior managers can attend, participants take courses on topics such as Institutional Transformation and Strategy, Action Research Implementation and Facilitation, Labor Transformation and Change Management, and Decision-Making Practice.

Candidates who apply by June 23, 2023 for the 2023-24 term of the program will be able to benefit from an early application discount.