Sabancı University marks the 2023 BAGEP Awards!

According to the 2023 results of the Academy of Science's Young Scientist Awards Program (BAGEP), 9 young scientists from Sabancı University have received awards for their successful work. Sabancı University became the university with the most awards with a total of 9 awards.

BAGEP Ödülleri

The winners of the Academy of Science's annual Young Scientist Awards Program (BAGEP), which aims to identify and reward the best young academics, and to support them for further research, have been announced. Sabancı University became the university with the most awards with a total of 9 awards.

Stating that they always take science as their main guide, Sabancı University President Prof. Dr. Yusuf Leblebici said, “At Sabancı University, we are taking firm steps towards becoming one of the leading research universities in the world, with the quality and uniqueness of our education programs and our contributions to the scientific world. In this sense, we implement pioneering and distinctive research activities in our faculties and centers with the project support we receive from home and abroad. While carrying out all these studies, our most important difference is our strong academic staff. In the last three years, we have recruited a total of 58 new full-time faculty members, 85% of whom have doctoral degrees from universities abroad. 33 of these faculty members came directly from abroad to join the university. The many awards we received with our strong staff at the 2023 BAGEP Awards once again proved our academic richness. We congratulate our young academics for their outstanding achievements.”

BAGEP Award winners from Sabancı University are Gökalp Alpan in the field of Mathematics, Burcu Saner Okan in Materials Engineering, Murat Kaya Yapıcı in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Burak Kocuk in Industrial Engineering, Nur Mustafaoğlu Varol in Biology, Morteza Ghorbani in Mechanical Engineering, Eren Günseli and Junko Kanero in Psychology, and Sinem Erdoğan İşkorkutan in History.