Sabancı University Students Will Now Use Tosla SUCard

AKÖde, in cooperation with Sabancı University and Utarit, has digitalized the campus cards of Sabancı University students and enriched them with payment features. In this context, Tosla-branded SUCards, AKÖde's digital wallet, have met with Sabancı University students.


Offering new-generation banking and payment solutions, Tosla will also be used by Sabancı University students within the scope of cooperation with AKÖde, Sabancı University, and Utarit. Within the scope of the collaboration, with the Sabancı University campus card project, all on-campus payments for both students and the university have been digitalized with the SoliClub application, while the "Tosla-branded digital SUCard", which is also an identity card, has been introduced to the students.

While Sabancı University students will be able to meet all their needs on campus via the SoliClub application with their Tosla-branded digital SUCards, they will also be able to benefit from all the advantages of Tosla. Students will be able to track cafeteria, photocopy, transportation and library payments, and dormitory and school entrances and exits from one place with these ID cards and the SoliClub application. They will be able to use Tosla-branded SUCards in all online shopping and at physical shopping points with QR code and mobile contactless payment technologies. Students will also be able to track and manage all their on-campus and off-campus transactions digitally.

Noting that they have been working with Sabancı University and Utarit for the last year on this project, AKÖde General Manager Emel Arseven made the following statement on the subject: “In today's world where digital transformation continues rapidly, we are very excited as we will make students’ lives easier and speed up their transactions by offering such a service for the first time to university students who were born digital and grew up with technology. Within the scope of the project, by transforming Sabancı University's campus needs with digital solutions, students will be able to track their on-campus cafeteria, photocopy, transportation, and library payments, as well as their entrance and exit to the school, with the SoliClub application. At the same time, they will be able to use Tosla-branded SuCard identity cards for all their payments, both physical and digital. We also enabled them to benefit from Tosla’s advantages. They can use Tosla digital cards with QR and mobile contactless features in all online shopping and physical points.


In his statement on the subject, Sabancı University Secretary General Ali Çalışkan said, "At Sabancı University, we attach importance to providing our students with world-class education while closely following technology and offering the latest applications on our campus. Our SUCards, which we have provided with rich digital features in cooperation with AKÖde and Utarit, will make the lives of our students more practical by providing convenience in many areas. We aim to offer this digital solution, which we started with our student cards, to all our academic and administrative staff in the future".

Utarit Director Koray Peker made the following comment on the subject: “At Utarit, Turkey's leading campus card system provider, we have broken new ground with this project we developed jointly with AKÖde and Sabancı University. With this new-generation digital card infrastructure, students will have both the comfort of the mobile world and the freedom of a system that gives them an advantage with university ID cards which can be used everywhere. We are adding new ones to our innovative projects with our business partners every day. Together, we will accomplish much greater things that will make an impact all over the world."