Sabancı University Campus Becomes Micro-Grid Pilot Area

The Smart Campus Project, which will be implemented within the scope of the European Commission EuroGia Energy Cluster and coordinated by EnerjiSA, has been accepted. This project is expected to be the start of various other similar projects, which will contribute to transform Sabancı University campus into a pilot area where new energy generation and distribution scenarios will be studied and tested.

Smart Kampüs Projesi

In the first phase of the project, energy produced by PV installations to be placed in certain lodging units will be tested under block-chain-based peer-to-peer energy transfer algorithms and micro-grid distribution scenarios over mobile applications and will be studied in various aspects.  In the later stages of the project, the campus will also be supported by sustainable elements such as electric scooters, electric charging stations using PV equipment and electric shuttles. The project will be carried out under the coordination of Ankara Project Office, and in addition to EnerjiSA, project partners include Paycore and Blok-Z companies from Turkey, Grupo Erre and The Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo from Portugal. Sabancı University faculty members Dr. Kamer Kaya and Dr. Orçun Çetin will also take place as a researcher.