2015-2016 Spring Term Dormitory Fees and Payments

2015 - 2016 Spring Term Dormitory Fees and Payments

The dormitory fees for our undergradute and graduate students in the 2015 - 2016 Academic Year Spring Semester are listed below, and are required to be paid to Akbank brunches with company code '815 under the ATS' (Subscription Payment System) between the dates 2016 January 18 and January 22. Under this system, you must provide first your student number (example 00012345), name and surname for access to the amount you are required to pay, which will then be collected in cash. The Artı Para accounts opened for payment of tuition fees in instalments cannot be used for dormitory fees.

Dormitory fee payment dates which specified the above are involves the students who are staying dormitory during Fall Semester and will stay on Spring Semester.

The students who want to stay in dormitory on Spring Semester are can display their dormitory application result on bannerweb.sabanciuniv.edu at 27th of January, they can make their dormitory fee payment between 27th of January and 29th of January.

Dormitories will be open through the semester break.

We wish you a good holiday.

Dormitory Management

2015 – 2016 Academic Year Spring Semester Dormitory Fees / Per Person (VAT included)

Undergraduate students:

4 person study rooms   1.900 TL

4 person rooms            2.900 TL

2 person rooms            4.250 TL

Graduate students:

2 person rooms            4.250 TL

1 person rooms            5.500 TL

Studio apartments (Hall F-G)    5.750 TL

Students entering dormitories for the first time are required to pay a deposit fee of 850 TL.