Barun K. Chakrabarti is the new guest of the Nano Open Webinars

Organized by Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center (SUNUM), the Nano Open Webinars continue with a webinar entitled “Supercapacitors and Hybrid Hydrogen-Based Flow Batteries" that will be delivered by Dr. Barun K. Chakrabarti of the University of Warwick at 13:00 on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

SUNUM_Nano Open Webinar_27April

Hybrid hydrogen-based flow batteries (HFBs) are key enablers for the development of reliable large-scale energy storage systems; however, their high cost, limited cycle performance, and incompatibilities associated with the commonly used carbon-based electrodes undermine HFB’s commercial viability.  

Dr. Barun K. Chakrabarti will provide information about electrophoretic deposition (EPD), which is a highly convenient and demonstrated industrial operation for the manufacture of surface coatings, which is used more frequently in recent years to produce energy storage electrodes (notably for lithium-ion batteries, solid-state devices, supercapacitors, and flow batteries)

The Nano Open Webinar will take place at 13:00-14:00 on Wednesday, April 27 on Zoom. The online event link will be shared via e-mail on the day of the event.

The registration link is

The webinar will be held in English.

About Dr. Barun K. Chakrabarti:

Dr. Barun K. Chakrabarti is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in WMG at the University of Warwick. He completed his MEng in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London and a PhD on Regenerative Fuel Cells at the University of Manchester, UK.

His current research focuses on hydrogen-based redox flow batteries, electrospinning, electrochemical regeneration of lithium-ion battery cathodic materials, and electrophoretic deposition of nanomaterials including graphene.